Seattle City Council - District 6

Joey’s Platform:

A Shot in the Arm for Public Health and Safety:

  • Address homelessness as a multi-faceted issue needing a robust support ecosystem

  • Address the underutilization and barriers of entry to Seattles rental and housing markets

  • Expand the “Health One” unit into a fully funded department

A Fast Lane to Improved Transportation:

  • Work with King County to expand the water taxi system on Lage Washington and the Puget Sound

  • Stop dysfunctional transportation projects in their tracks

  • Incentivize vehicle-sharing programs to increase access to “last mile” transit options

A Progressive Plan for a 21st-Century City:

  • Protect personal privacy and workers rights

  • Promote conservation and reduce Seattle’s impact on the environment

  • Establish a forward looking plan to shore-up our city infrastructure

  • Authorize an external audit of city spending and reestablish fiscal responsibility in city hall