Seattle City Council - District 6

A campaign commited to

Service & Integrity

Joey Massa, a Washington Army National Guard veteran and cancer survivor, is your candidate for Seattle City Council District 6. 

Massa, who lives with his wife and dog in Ballard, joins the race with a progressive and pragmatic approach to improving public health and safety, transportation and quality of life in a booming 21st-century city.   


Get to Know Your Candidate

Massa, a first-time political candidate, is the son of Warden, Washington, Mayor Tony Massa, formerly president of the Public School Employees Union. “Growing up I watched my father work with local and state legislators to improve the lives of thousands of school employees around the state, and in my adult life I’ve watched him foster growth and progress in his community,” Joey says. 

“Serving others, whether through civilian work or military service, has always been the greatest joy in my life,” Massa said. “We find ourselves in a time when many politicians have abandoned altruism in favor of wealth or power. We need someone to bring servant leadership, diplomacy and practicality to City Hall, and I will work hard to earn the trust of voters so I can do just that.”

For more information about Massa and details about his campaign and proposed solutions, find him on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Medium and Instagram.


Our City, Our Campaign

“Our city has tried time and time again to fix its problems with old and broken tools,” Massa said. “We need a new toolbox with robust, practical and creative solutions. Having spent years in this district, I know many of my Northwest Seattle neighbors join me in my passion for addressing homelessness, rethinking public transportation, empowering first responders, and ensuring our city is taking care of the ecosystem it resides in.”

Massa will stream weekly town hall meetings on social media now through the Aug. 6 primary election. He and his campaign team will also canvas neighborhoods and host voter education events.

The Massa for Progress campaign will also be participating in Seattle’s revolutionary democracy voucher program. “This is a huge part of my campaigns decision to reinvest as much funding as it can within the community. The democracy voucher program was created to give voters a bigger hand when it comes to local politics, and I believe that if your property taxes are supporting my campaign that those funds should be invested in the incredible creatives and creators that give our city its vibrant culture,” says Massa

Funds raised for the Massa campaign will be reinvested in the community, with Massa for Progress locally sourcing many products and services. The campaign will deliberately abstain from using campaign dollars to pay for political power brokers, consultants and other third parties with no ties to the community.

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